Outcast progress; project board

I passed the mid-point in Outcast. Yea!!

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about that. Life has thrown me a number of curveballs in the past year and my mission in life has been simply to whack them out of the park. More often than not, I feel lucky when I hit a grounder. And this, ladies and gentlemen, feels like a grounder, but in a good way. Slow progress is better than none at all.

I’m now currently at about 37,000 words in Outcast. My new goal for the next week is to finish Act II (which should put me at around 52,000 words) and head into the climax of the story.

Will I make it? I doubt it. But any progress right now is good progress.

As for the actual publication, I’m guessing, given all other aspects of the process, not getting this out until late summer of this year. I’ll try to speed that up, but I make no promises.


If anyone out there is wondering how I manage to organize my time, I use a process described by Holly Lisle in How to Find Your Writing Discipline (link goes to her store). What I like about this system is how tactile it is. And visual. I not only feel the cards with my hands, but I have a visual idea of what I’m aiming for at all times. Here’s the pic of how my Big Picture board looks today.


I made the “cork” board myself, which is why it looks…odd. But it works, and it was cheap to make. If anyone out there wants to make one that looks better, here’s some links:




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