Review of Shafter by Margaret McCaffey Fisk

Summary: A pleasant surprise, given the title. Good space opera that focuses on the troubles and courage of a girl and her sister as they try to escape their past and find a better future.


I got this book as part of a Storybundle deal. It has books by two members of Forward Motion it, a forum for writers that (disclosure!) I’m also part of. I decided to buy it because I was curious about what other members of the forum have written and because the price was right, given my current tight budget.

I’m going to review all the science fiction, space opera, etc. in that bundle. I decided to start with Shafter because I liked the cover and because the description interested me.

The moment I started reading, I was hooked. Great premise that, unfortunately, I can’t describe without spoilers because there were a number of twists and they show up almost from the beginning. Trina’s a very strong character, smart, quick, and with enough vulnerability to make her real. I loved how she dealt with many issues and was emotionally invested in the whole story, start to finish.

Katie is also very real, and I loved what happened to her. The changes she went through both enthralled me and, on occasion, broke my heart, at least, when she tried to interact with Trina.

But what I loved best was Trina’s interactions with Samuel, head of the most prestigious family in First City. And that’s the one I can’t say anything about because it’ll spoil the twists! But trust me when I say that those interactions both broke my heart and made me smile.

And the ending…the ending was worth every minute.

Great book. Highly recommended.

Margaret McCaffey Fisk’s Website

Link to Shafter on her site


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