Back to My Best Buddy: Pen and Paper

I’ve decided to add weekly updates to this blog (as I can) until Outcast is finished. First draft, anyway.

I’ve been trying a new organizational system, and there at the top of the Doing section is “Finish rough draft of Outcast (Echelon #3).” I hope to have that goal accomplished by mid-April, if I keep up my current pace. (The end of March would be ideal.)

This week, I focused on writing in ten-minute bursts throughout the day, putting words down in longhand in an ordinary notebook. Typing on a phone doesn’t work for me and I can’t take my laptop in the places a notebook can go, so until I get a different situation in my life, my pen and paper are my best buddies!

(I lie. They’ve always been my best buddies. I just forgot them for a while because I can type faster than I can write.)

Total word count and goal can be found to the right.


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