Clouds of Crom; Echelon #3

clouds of cromIt’s been a long, long time. Just thought I’d post a quick update so that my readers would know what was happening.

First, I’ve published a short story that’s kinda sorta set in the same world as Echelon (the series). Kaylan’s in there, and so is (kind of) Roz, with a slightly different spelling and a bit of a reduction in size. Idierd (from the second book in the series, Skielach) is also in there, with a different backstory and different purpose. And although the conflicts Kaylan faces aren’t that far off from Echelon, the way they’re presented is. Not to mention other small differences with the world.

The reason I’m publishing it is because I came across it while looking for something else on my hard drive and realized I’d forgotten how much I loved this short. It was because of this short story that Echelon exists at all, because this is the story where I figured out a lot of what Echelon would eventually be.

So, if you want to take a look, it’s available at Amazon’s Kindle Store, Barnes and Noble’s Nook Store, Kobo, and Apple’s iBookstore for $0.99 USD.

Talking of availability, I’ve gone back and fixed a couple of things in Skielach that made it past the editing and formatting phase. Small things, but important. I don’t usually announce it, but if you purchased Skielach and saw some of those mistakes, please be aware that I’ve fixed them in the latest edition. One phrase in particular that has caused me a lot of reflection.

Heck, Skielach in general has caused me a lot of sleepless nights. I wrote it during a time when money was Not There and paid for it. Outcast (Echelon #3) is going much better.

And unfortunately, that’s all the time I have for tonight. I’m hoping my next post will have a snippet in it from Outcast. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and please know I’m working as hard as I can to write both well and fast.


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